How to "FTP" your site

Believe it or not, FTP programs are easy to use. Most are laid out in two windows, and all you have to do is drag your web files from "your computer" to

How do you do that?
First you'll need an FTP Program, unless you have Windows 2000 or newer, then click here to open Windows 200 FTP. If you're not comfortable with FTP programs, you can use this site to transfer your files. Now at somepoint, your FTP program will ask you for a "site address". Our FTP address for this is

Your user name and password for your FTP are exactly the same as your login and password for our member's area. Now if you can't find a place to enter a name or password, or the program is rejecting your attempts to connect, it is most likely because you are attempting to log in "anonymously."

You can't log in to XRoad anonymously, because then the server doesn't know who's account you are trying to update. Obviously, for security reasons, we've disabled this function. Lastly, you will need to rename your main page/homepage to index.html

So, to sum it up:

  • You are connecting/logging into
  • You are using your XRoad login
  • You are using your XRoad password
  • You are not logging in anonymously

If your site is not functioning properly, and you wish technical support, please contact us at