Why am I getting a Domain Name Expiration Notice for $29.00 CAD to renew my domain?


It has come to our attention that certain competing Domain Registrars such as VeriSign, are sending Domain Name Expiration Notices asking for your authorization to Renew and Transfer your domain Away From XRoad.  Please do NOT complete this as they charge more than the $15CAD per domain per year that XRoad charges. Contact us at frog@xroad.com if you receive other marketing gimmicks.

And if you have forgotten your password to your XRoad account please click here to have it e-mailed.


Q: For users who have chosen the $11.00 CAD Redirection Option only or have multiple domains...

Please verify that the "Update your credit card info" area is UP TO DATE for EACH domain name and EACH redirection.  Due to the fact that many users purchased the domain at a different time than when they purchased redirection, the credit card information may be different.  Users should periodically check that this information is up to date and where possible, please use the same credit card info for ALL services.

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